Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Guy Saville, The Afrika Reich (2011)

Didn't Lavie Tidhar already write this novel?


Guy Saville said...

The great thing about google alerts is that it, well, ‘alerts’ you to everything written about your book…

I don’t know about Lavie Tidhar (he’s a new one on me, though I’ve just ordered Hebrew Punk)… though I would say my book is much more Alastair Maclean than it is Philip K. Dick.

What I do know is that you taught me everything I know about Blake and Browning at RHUL!


Adam Roberts said...

You're that Guy Saville? How wonderful!

Thanks for dropping by. Lavie is a friend of mine; but you're right, I ought to do more with your book than simply use it as a platform for gently needling him. So: onto the Kindle it goes -- a proper review to follow.

Really pleased to hear you're doing so well.

Guy Saville said...

Hello again

Will be interested to see what you make of it.

I spent ten unsuccessful years trying to get published and being told my work was too ‘quirky’. Then some one advised me to write a genre novel as an easier way in through the door. This is the result. Despite the frenetic pace and all the explosions there is an intelligent book in there. A wise reviewer at the Economist saw it; others haven’t, just enjoyed it as a romp; others still have been baffled/outraged…

Looking forward to reading Lavie’s book. And I see you’re doing rather well yourself. In fact you’re something of a sci-fi star!