Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dan Abnett, Triumff (2010)

We've all thought it. Well, I know I have: 'what Keith Roberts (no relation)'s classic alt-historical novel Pavanne needs is twofold: a, more swashbuckling action; and b, more puns.' What sciencefictional conceit is not improved by a tonnage of punnage? Luckily for us, we have Abnett. He is the Man From Puncle.

Here's the back-cover blurb of his latest novel:
It is the year 2010. Her Divine Majesty Queen Elizabeth XXX sits upon the throne. Great Britain's vast empire is run by ALCHEMY and SUPERSTITION. Now, Sir Rueprt Triumff, dashing swordsman, has uncovered a vile plot to dethrone her glorious majesty. For the honour of the nation: to arms!
It's rollicking, fast-paced stuff this; splendidly inventive and spleen-hurtingly funny. Witty, slapsticky, Blackadderesque and garnished with the choicest puns.
'How are we going to combat within the church?' he asked.
'We could try a guided missal,' suggested the Bishop of Reading.
A pantechnichnon of puns. An, if you will, puntechnicon. Richly enjoyable stuff. Deserves to sell more copies than the Vulgate Prose Lancelot.


Wally said...

Were you forced to post this from some kind of Hell of Those Atoning for Lampooning Robert Jordan? They're not making you wear a crown of thorns or something, are they?

Adam Roberts said...

I am Hamlet's father.

Wally said...

Aah alright - just don't go drifting spectrally out of the Pepsi machine while I'm trying to buy a drink, OK? I do not need the STRESS when I am with my SOFT DRINKS, old mole.

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