Wednesday, 21 April 2010

J G Ballard, Chris Evans, 'The Invisible Years' (1977)

I'd call this 'an undiscovered Ballard short story' if I could be sure it hasn't been discovered. Certainly it's not in the Collected Stories, but I daresay a diligent Ballard-bibliographer somewhere has listed it. I found it in an old issue of Ambit I picked up in a second-hand-bookshop, and I reproduce a couple of scans, above, one of the story's first page, one of its last. I'd scan the whole thing in but don't wish to violate copyright. Enough to give you a flavour of the piece, at any rate. You click on these images to enlarge them. ('Bax', there, is Ambit's editor; the issue's contents page implies he had no hand in actually 'writing' the story).


Beloved Snail said...

A nice find, the excerpts make me curious to read the rest.

David Langford said...

Naturally I pointed out this post to lifelong Ballardian David Pringle, who commented: 'Ha -- yes. One of the "Invisible Years" pieces. / I think Ballard's contributions to that piece consisted only of the words "yes" and "no." ... Indeed, Ambit has been well pored over by all diligent Ballard bibliographers. After all, JGB was its "prose editor" for something like 20 years!'

He recommended 'this website by diligent bibliographer Mike Holliday, which lists all JGB's miscellaneous bits and pieces...':

Adam Roberts said...

Thanks, Dave (and Dave). That makes a lot of sense. I can believe that JGB just provided the 'yes's and 'no's for this one, although that doesn't make it, or his contribution, less interesting, I think.

Excellent link to Mike Holliday's site: makes me want to chase down all these miscellanea.