Monday, 18 January 2010

OK Go, Of The Blue Colour of the Sky (2010)

I like OK Go plenty, and I like the songs on this album too; but I can't decide whether the muddy, fumbly, muffled production (their producer used to be in Mercury Rev, which may be some sort of explanation) is a boon or a bore. I suppose it could be argued that, at least with the more relentlessly upbeat tracks like 'This Too Shall Pass' and 'All Is Not Lost', it acts as an effective counterweight to the smiliness. That said, the moment in 'Needing/Getting' when the slushy, grundling noisiness drops away to leave the lyric standing clear ('it don't get much dumber, it don't get much dumber, than trying to forget a girl when you love her') is the moment when the song clarifies into something moving and brilliant; and the music video version of 'This Too Shall Pass', recorded live with an honest-to-goodness American Marching Band is remarkable not least because, thus rendered, the song is much much better than the album version. You can download it from their website, which I would recommend doing. Other highlights: the handclaps during the guitar solo of 'Skyscrapers' (though not the rest of the song); the Prince-lite of the opening track 'WTF' and the distant echoes of Tom-Tom-Club in 'White Knuckles.'


Charlie said...

Dave Fridmann is one of my favourite music producers, he's produced some of my favourite records by Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips and The Delgados.

This is a curious album, I like it, though it sounds very little like previous OK Go.

Adam Roberts said...

"This is a curious album, I like it, though it sounds very little like previous OK Go."

Yes, that's about the long and the short of it. It's increasingly growing on me, though, as I listen more.

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