Monday, 14 December 2009

Stephen King, Under the Dome (2009)

Dome-tome done with some aplomb.

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Adam Roberts said...


The Midwich Ripoffs.
Doma Off-Key.
Stephen (Jonathan) King: 'Una pa-Dome-a Blanka'
'Maybe he's no longer the infallible Pope of horror, but King is still the Bishop of Dome.'

"I'm roaming in the doming,
Cut-off from the rest of Maine.
Roaming in the doming,
Where the folk are inhumane."

King asks: isolate a town of 2000 people completely and what happens? And answers: Ultra-Lord of the Flies happens. This is because King believes not in human nature, but in human nasty. 'People: are we nature, or nurture?' 'Are you kidding, we're neither; we're gotcha!' No man is an island, but every man (and woman) is part of the under-dome or the main; therefore send not to ask for whom King's bell tolls ... it tolls for thee. And this is what it sounds like: a very weighty, dense, basso-profoundo dôm! dôm! dôm!