Saturday, 25 October 2008

(BB)C Dickens, Little Dorrit

The Andrew Davies version of Little Dorrit starts tomorrow on BBC 1 (Sunday 26th October); it'll be interesting to see how they do it. There's boy-man Matthew Macfadyen, above, in the Arthur Clenham role (a little too young, maybe?): and L.D. herself is being played by Claire Foy, about whom I know nothing. Have a look at the whole Radio Times cast picture gallery, if you like: not a bad set of actors, although I'd say Anton Lesser is wrong for Merdle (who is described in the book more like a charisma-free blonder Boris Johnson); and I feel a bit sorry for Ruth Jones, whose audition must have gone something like: 'yes, we need someone who used to be attractive when she was much younger, but now she's all blowsy and ugly and absurd ... hey, you'd be perfect!' Perhaps acting is not the profession to go into if your feelings are easily hurt.

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Gaenor Burchett-Vass said...

Any thoughts on the series? I'm looking for comments on the lovely Russell Tovey in particular.